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    2 star review  I haven't been to a hairdressers over 11 years now because I'm very untrustworthy with people dying my hair but i have just started a new job and wanted to treat myself to a new do as i knew this person who work here i felt that i could trust her with my hair, A week ago i went to get my hair done by Paige after it was done i was so happy with the results, she gave me a product that was blue shampoo witch she told me would keep my color lasting longer, Saturday i washed my hair with normal shampoo and everything was fine the color was lovely, Wednesday I decided to use the blue shampoo after i washed my hair and then dried it i then realise that my hair was not the grey color i had before I washed my hair with this shampoo it was a light brown color, so i contacted paige to make sure i did it right, she said i could leave it on for as long as i like and it should work, so i tried it again left it on longer this time i washed it out then dried it and it made my hair go a blonde/ light brown color, underneath my hair where the blue shampoo didn't really get to it, it was still the original grey color i left the hair salon with, so I contacted paige again to find out what was happening as just like anyone who's just paid £100 would be very upset that a color has only lasted 6 days, so me and paige exchange a conversation on Facebook messager where she told me that the color would fade very quickly because my hair was apparently too dark, most color doesn't matter if lighter darker a permanent hair color should last a good 4 weeks not 6 days, paige said that she could tone it again for me and change the product after along conversation we agree that we would talk more on this Thursday morning at 9, so i went in on thursday morning i agree i was late to the appointment because of an accident on the roads witch i got the impression that being late was my fault, when i got to the salon i felt unwelcome by paige but took that on the shoulder as i wanted this shorted, as soon as i sat in the chain I didn't have a chance to speak, to me i felt like paige was blaming my hair for not taking the hair color which after the strand test a few days before my hair appointment she told me she could do the color she never once mentioned that the hair would chuck out the color after a few days, but i let paige talk as she was the hairdresser as she loved to mention to me, but all i felt was she was blaming my hair and blaming me for it going after 6 days, so i asked her about the hair dyed and that a permanent hair dye shouldn't go that fast, which she said that you cant get a permanent hair dye for grey you could only get a grey hair toner, so i said as an example if i went to tesco right now there would be no permanent grey hair dye, she replayed with no but be my guessed if you want to dye you hair that way, my point is why talk my make someone feel that way if you want me to keep coming back to your salon, while listening to paige it was hard to get one word in, i gave paige the benefit or the doubt and took the offer to re tone my hair (not color just re tone) and i was giving her the chance to re correct what's happen but she tone my hair washed it out and wouldn't blow dye it because i would of had to pay for it and i said I would not be paying anymore money than I have already had, so she let me walk out of her salon with wet hair looking so silly and when i got home to dry it the toner had made the color look worst, i feel like this review is fit for the service she gave me, Paige is perlite to a customer who is paying that day but i was a paying customer and if you wanted to keep me a paying customer then you treat me with respect and listen to what has happen not blame me for it, bad customer service and a good hair dresser would go blow dye my hair after toning it to make sure it turned out good. I cant fault any other staff they were polite offer me and my mother a coffee and asked to take our coasts i just got the feeling that paige was trying to get me out the door as quick as possible. Now i had to go and buy my own hair dye which was a permanent grey as the color that was on my hair was making me feel ugly. I know this is a very long review but i felt like this was the only way i could of gotten my point and feelings across because it felt like paige did not understand that i was unhappy with what happen, im very lucky that I didn't have any allergic reaction to the bleach as she never gave me a patch test which my friends hairdresser told me she should have and that she gave me a product that wasn't right for my hair that she should of tested on that stand test before selling it to me. There's nothing more i have to say, i have all the photos and will post them below with dates thank you for reading this.

    thumb Letitia Suzanne Sinclair

    5 star review  After having my hair coloured/highlighted over the past few months I've never been 100% happy with it until today! Finally found a great hair salon! So happy with my hair!

    thumb Rubylouise' Eisnor

    5 star review  First time at Huckleberrys, and loved my cut by Hannah, thank you x

    thumb Joannie Leeman